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“I have heard countless horrible, preventable stories and the one thing they all have in common is they thought they were safe enough.”

- Nina Stillman



Estate planning anticipates a time in the future when you either can no longer make decisions for yourself or your assets, or you are no longer here to make those decisions. The planning assures the things that are most important to you – your assets, your business, your children, and your values – are transferred properly. The planning considers federal and state tax rules and consequences as well as your individual situation. Estate planning is customized for each client.

“Estate Planning is the only way to make sure that what you have worked so hard for goes to the right people. It’s really that simple. Estate planning has so many tangents it becomes holistic. Your family and business continuation become intertwined and Nina understands both sides of the equation. It’s not just smart business to work with her but more economical.  Not the same questions asked twice.” 

Stacy K. -  Business Owner-



We act as business attorneys and general counsel for clients who own business',  who do not need a full-time, in-house attorney, but want help with contracts, employee issues, vendor agreements, internal business governance, business formations, agreements between partners and other businesses, leases and subleases, human resource issues and many other areas of their operations and client relations.

"Nina Stillman has a clear grasp of the legal issues involved in our situation; I liked how she demonstrated several options to approaching the answer. She gave us a thorough explanation of our choices and the consequences of each choice. She also responds very quickly and is conscious of keeping her fees reasonable. Great experience with a talented attorney."

-Steve O.,  Business Owner-

"Nina Stillman is an amazing attorney. She helps clients protect and plan around what is near and dear to them - their businesses and their families. I highly recommend Nina!" 

-Heide O., CPA -

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