• Nina Stillman

The Two Most Important Items on your College Packing List.

Sending a child off to college is as exciting as it can be anxiety producing for parents. Two things that can help parents be put at ease are a having your adult child/Student sign a Power of Attorney for Property and a Power of Attorney for Heath Care before they go. (These documents may be called different things in different states). Your child will be 18 or older, and legally an adult, when they leave for school. While they are a temporary resident at school, they are permanent residents of your home state. Obtaining a Power of Attorney for Property and a Power of Attorney for Health Care in your home state is a really great way to help them be prepared.

A Power of Attorney for Property allows a student’s parent(s) to help an adult child away at college who may have run into financial, health or legal trouble. It will give you the ability to act on behalf of your child regarding her or her personal property, living situation, banking and investments, insurance transactions and a host of other issues that may come into play. Being a co-signor on a lease does not necessarily give you the right to deal with the landlord other than to pay the rent if your child does not! Technically your child is responsible for the tuition payments even if you sign documentation that states that you will pay. Your child is responsible for mischief that they may get into at school on and off campus. The only way that you may be able to help them if they need you is to have Power of Attorney for Property Hopefully the need for these documents will be minimal, if they are needed at all, but if you don’t have them, there may not much you can do.

The Power of Attorney for Health care allows parent’s to be informed and help make decisions for a student if they are hurt or sick and cannot make decisions for themselves or need your help to make them. Remember that being 18 means that they are an adult and the parents may not and legally do not need to be contacted by a health care provider – particularly of your adult child is being treated medically off campus.

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