Gina Juarez

Legal Assistant

GINA JUAREZ is a trilingual virtual legal assistant who fortunately derives great pleasure from engaging in complex, detail-oriented work. Prior to working in the legal field, Gina spent three years at LAX Airport managing contracts, investigating and answering complaints, issuing permits, and becoming far more organized and administratively accomplished than she could have imagined. Those skills serve her well at The Stillman Law Group where she has worked for the past year and is informally known as Nina’s right hand.

Born in Italy, educated in the US, and having lived in Mexico, Gina is fluent in Italian, English, and Spanish, and curious about what people feel passionate about wherever she goes. Her curiosity led her to become involved in a local charity that helps artisans distribute their work. Gina’s primary passion is raising her two daughters to become confident women who also pursue their passions.




California State University 1999-2003


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