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  • Do you work with people who don't own businesses?

 Yes, we work with all types of individuals as well as entities to make sure that what they care about gets passed on to who they care about. We work with single and divorced individuals with or without children of any age, married couples with or without children, children going off to college, new families, C-suite employees, multi-generational families that need planning at several levels, and anyone who is seeking the peace of mind of knowing that they have kept their promise to provide for and protect themselves and their family.

We’ve been practicing Personal Injury Law for years, with countless successful cases. Our San Francisco clients can count on our Personal Injury Law practice group to manage the legal process as timeously and efficiently as possible to achieve a win.

  • How much money should I save before needing an estate plan?

Everyone needs an estate plan. You may not think of yourself as having a large estate but look beyond your bank statement. Do you have investments? A home? Other properties you care about and want to go to a specific place once you’ve passed away? Do you have children or pets that need care if you cannot be here? An estate plan will designate who will help you when you cannot act for yourself, direct who your assets are given to upon your death, assign the succession of your business, identify charitable giving, set up trusts and appoint guardians for your children, and more. 

  • What is Probate?

Probate is the process in a court of law that makes sure that the assets of your estate are distributed correctly according to your wishes, and that they cover payment of any debts and/or taxes that may be due.  Probate also provides an orderly process that helps to insure that your heirs are treated as you wish. It can take anywhere from 9 months to a year if there are no major complications. There are also ways to avoid the probate process and keep your family information private. Please ask us how we can accomplish this for you. 

Business Handshake
  • Describe your Business Law services.

We act as general counsel for clients who do not need a full time in-house attorney. We act as your guide through a variety of situations: contracts, employee issues, vendors agreements, internal business governance, business formations, agreements between partners in businesses, human resource issues, leases and subleases, and other areas of business law. Clients come to rely on us for advice before transactions, often leading to creative ways to grow and accomplish their business goals. We also help clients proactively stay out of trouble.  

  • What is a Buy/Sell Agreement and why should I have one?

A Buy/Sell Agreement is an agreement between all the owners of a business. It outlines how the ownership of the business will be handled if one of the owners wants to sell their portion of the business, becomes disabled, goes through a divorce, or passes away. It provides for fair compensation of the exiting business owner or their family, and generally makes sure that the business ends up in the hands of the remaining business owners. The agreement is typically created when everyone is getting along and can't imagine any of the circumstances that it covers. 

“Nina is able to take very high-level things and simplify them to make them understandable..

- Jessica S. CPA

Business Meeting
  • What are the special issues that business owners face?

Business owners have the additional issue of planning for the succession of their business. Who will take over if they become disabled or pass away? Family members? In-laws? Employees? How will that affect their family? Will the family lose their source of income? Will it be replaced? Will the business sell? Does the business have other owners? Do you need a Buy/Sell Agreement? If so, does that agreement coordinate with the estate plan? Is the business a service business? Who will take over? Can you minimize exposure to Income Tax? Estate Tax?