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Praise for the Stillman Law Group

Exceptional Representation


Jessica S.  - CPA

Nina understands the law, but more than that, I think she understands people. She knew I needed help and she offered it without hesitation. She’s someone who understands business in a way that many estate planners don’t. I think the reason for that is her heart and the way she surrenders it to every case she’s working. When I hire Nina, I know I’m not just getting a marvelous attorney, I’m also getting the help of an authentically kind and generous person. That’s someone you can trust and someone you want to work with again and again… Nina has really helped me appreciate the boutique law firm. Unlike at a large law firm, I don’t have to wonder when my paperwork will be processed or where my case will end up. When I call Nina, I know I’m working with Nina and that means everything to me.


Richard M.  - Business Owner

I always start with Nina when it comes to legal cases. I’m not a huge fan of lawyers; I’ve dealt with a lot of lawyers in my life and Nina is by far the easiest one to work with. I can talk straight up with her and that’s how I knew I could trust her. She can assess a conflict or situation quickly and objectively, then when she’s thought everything through, she isn’t afraid to share her different perspectives. She’ll listen to your views, but I think her not being afraid to present her side of an issue means she brings more to the table.


Jennifer H.  - MA, LPC, LAC, ICADC

Nina provides great service, and I would highly recommend her. She is very detail oriented and knowledgeable. The idea of drawing up wills, health care directives, etc. is something that can make people feel a bit anxious, however, Nina has the ability to make the process easier and less stressful. Nina has a great deal of expertise and we have been very happy with the work she has done for us.


Randi C.  - Business Owner

We originally went to a large law firm who had written us an estate plan with a huge error. We didn’t know it at the time, but what we needed in an attorney was someone who could really understand what we wanted, and not use a boilerplate—because it turns out, the boilerplates tend to have mistakes with the potential to cause major legal repercussions. When Nina saw the mistake in our plan, she went to bat for us. She wasn’t scared to stand up to another attorney and because of that we now have a plan we can trust.


Heidi O. - CPA

Nina Stillman is an amazing attorney. She helps clients protect and plan around what is near and dear to them - their businesses and their families. I highly recommend Nina!


 Rachel F.- Founder, Life Legacies

It was so reassuring to have Nina's professional competence and confidence that my will was up to date and appropriate to my financial and business circumstances. She was thorough, clarified my every question, and was sensitive to my values and feelings. I recommend her highly as a professional mentor and advocate in such personal and business matters.


Jay D. - Financial Planner

Nina is always direct, thorough and shows much concern for her client’s well-being. I feel comforted knowing Nina has got my back.


Sid L. - Business Owner

“Working with Nina, you can tell she is both confident and emotionally engaged. When you meet someone like that you can recognize that they care deeply about the work they are doing for the person they’re working with, and they’re also confident that they aren’t going to screw up.”


Susan K. - Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

Nina and I attended law school together and since then have maintained close professional contact. She is who I turn to for advice in the areas of law in which I have no experience. Further, she is who I turn to for estate planning advice. She is whip smart, attentive and I highly recommend working with her. Her advice over the years has proved invaluable to me and countless others.