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Expert Estate Planning and Business Counsel to business owners and other high net worth individuals and families.

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“You may not have a plan, or your company may not have a plan, but you can be sure the government does. And there’s a very good chance you’re not going to like it.”

- Nina Stillman

T H E   S T I L L M A N   L A W   G R O U P

We protect what you’ve built both personally and professionally using estate planning and business tools.

WHO NEEDS A PLAN? Business owners, homeowners, C suite employees, members of a multi-generational family, parents, people getting married, people who are a parent to anyone of any age, or starting a family, updating old documents, signing a living will, getting divorced, identifying assets, hoping to avoid probate, in short, just about everyone.

WHY? So that more of your money goes to you and your heirs.

The most important traits you want in an attorney are a strong ethical code and accuracy. Nina has both.”

- Randi and Barry C.  - Business Owners


About Us

Exceptional Representation

NINA B. STILLMAN is a veteran Business and Estate Planning attorney with over 30 years of experience and an earned reputation for being an expert in her field.

Whether creating a complex estate plan for a family with assets in excess of 40 million dollars, including several business and real estate holdings in multiple locations; adult children and young grandchildren;   a simple will for a young family; drafting her opinion as an Expert Witness; or working with a business and its owners to create a Buy/Sell agreement or draft contractual agreements or resolve employee issues, Nina brings the full force of her experience to safeguard her clients and secure their peace of mind.

Nina’s legal analysis is second to none. It’s one of her greatest differentiators. Like most attorneys, Nina has an understanding of the various tools at her disposal to legally keep her clients safe. Unlike most, her experience as an undefeated Expert Witness for legal malpractice trials, being called upon to analyze, testify, and render an opinion, has made her uniquely skilled at deploying those tools in the most ethical, most binding manner. As a result, approximately 20% of her business is spotting and correcting the mistakes other attorneys make.

Another distinguishing characteristic is the depth of her understanding of the often profoundly intertwined relationship between an individual’s personal life and professional life. Nina believes they’re seldom separate concerns for business owning families.

“Smart, so smart. That’s a big part of why I refer her. Truthfully, you shouldn’t do this with someone who isn’t really smart. I’ve worked with so many estate planners over the years, and anyone can write a plan, but Nina’s knowledge of estate planning is huge, and on top of that, she also really knows business. There’s a lot of commonality to business and estate planning and Nina really understands the intersection of the two. And she’s always thinking ahead for you and protecting assets so that you’re able to protect the ones you love after your passing.”

- Jessica S.  -CPA and client-


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